YouTube – Who Killed The Electric Car?
A new documentary takes a long hard look at what happened to the EV1 from GM.

I know a lot of daddies are looking at things like fuel efficiency when it comes to buying a car, so this should be an interesting watch.

Advertisements – What comes after three? Four! – Jul 13, 2006

After delivering triplets three years ago, Angela Magdaleno thought she was done having babies. She was wrong four times over.

Magdaleno gave birth to quadruplets on July 6 by Caesarean section. She now has nine children.


Mama mia.  I have trouble with one… imagine seven!  The striking thing about this story (aside from the two multiple births) is that although her first pregnancy, which resulted in triplets was achieved with IVF, this one was completely natural. 

New research findings from the world’s largest study predicting children’s late language emergence has revealed that parents are not to blame for late talking toddlers.

Seems as though a wide range of factors, some genetic, some environmental are the source of late talking.  Boys are more likely to talk late than girls.  A mother’s education and income had no bearing.

Wired Magazine

While the issue of what the Philosopher Kids see and do online is a few years away, this short article is an important reminder that we need to keep tabs on what our kids and teens do on the web.

Mr. Know-It-All remembers when all his parents had to worry about was his pen-and-paper diary. It would have been tough to read in any case – it was hidden under a stack of Green Lantern comics and written in secret code. But that was a gentler time.

Now things are more complicated. Odds are you’re worried about the public implications of your kid’s behavior online – such as whether your tween is passing herself off as a sultry 19-year-old on MySpace, or he’s nursing an outta-control Internet poker and porn habit. Or maybe you’re concerned that Google’s cache will cough up their explicit blog to a prospective employer in 2016. “In a teenage brain, impulse control is still under construction,” psychologist David Walsh says. “The job of the parent is to act as the surrogate prefrontal cortex.”

It is important to understand the technologies that kids are using to find information and to express themselves online.  Parents need to know how MySpace, Flickr and MSN Messenger work.  As with many things, the most important thing is to work at keeping an open dialogue with your kids.

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The N.Y. court says marriage is good for kids. Then why doesn’t my daughter deserve the same legal protection as the children of opposite-sex parents?

Although some keep pushing for a free vote in parliament in the hopes of repealing bill C-38, the issue is essentially settled here in Canada.  When will you guys catch up to the rest of the world?

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Science Daily 

To give your child an incentive to take out the garbage, you might offer to buy her a treat, or you might threaten to withhold her regular allowance. Does the child respond the same way to reward as it does to avoiding punishment? Psychologists have evidence from certain kinds of behavioral experiments to believe that avoiding punishment is itself a reward.

This one is tricky, but it seems as though the same part of the brain is activated when one earns a reward or avoids a punishment.

Science Daily

Approximately 1.5 million children and adults in the U.S. have autism and it is estimated to be the fastest growing developmental disability with a 10 – 17 percent increase each year. While much is known about the symptoms of autism, the exact cause of the condition is not yet defined.

This new model shows that autism spectrum disorders (Wikipedia) result from the breakdown of specific neural pathways that prevent the brain from learning how to recognize and differentiate between concrete things and abstractions.  For example, an autistic child might learn to understand that when Mommy smiles she is happy, but will be unable to have an abstract understanding of smiling.  When another person smiles, the child will not necessarily be able to interpret the emotion.

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