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ScienceDaily: Baby’s First Stool May Provide Clues To Fetal Alcohol Exposure
Fetal alcohol exposure is usually determined through self-reported maternal consumption. Self-reported drinking, however, is often an unreliable measure. Researchers have found that the presence of certain fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs) in meconium may provide a dependable biomarker of fetal alcohol exposure.

The test involves taking small samples of meconium and doing a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis.  This techniques separates different chemicals based on their mass.  The data from the analysis can be interpreted to show how much of a given chemical is present.  In this case the FAEE ethyl linoleate (formed when ethanol – alcohol – reacts with the fat linoleaic acid) concentration in the meconium is an accurate indicator of how much alcohol a mother has consumed during pregancy.

Although it is not discussed in the article, I imagine that this technique could be used to determine whether or not there is a “safe” level of alcohol consumption for pregnant women.

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ScienceDaily: Doctors Treating Pain From Circumcision More Seriously

One of the first things most little boys in the U.S. experience is something they’ll never remember – circumcision – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a painful experience. The debate over whether infants feel pain has ended, and the positive conclusion is catching up with obstetrical, pediatric and family physician training programs, 97 percent of which now learn effective pain relief techniques for circumcision. Just 10 years ago, only 71 percent learned how to ease pain during the brief surgical procedure.

Ummm, about freakin’ time.

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They called me a child pornographer | Salon Life

Jody Jenkins has tells a terrifying cautionary story about his ordeal of being accused of child pornography.  A drugstore employee called the police after developing some nude photos of the kids taken while on a camping trip.  The family, children included, were subject to lengthy questioning, as were their friends and teachers.  The police and family services treated them as though they were guilty from the start, and they were not even allowed to see the photos that were being used against them as evidence (the children took a bunch of photos, so Jenkins wasn’t even aware of all the pictures that had been taken).

As someone who loves to take pictures of my son, this is definitely a scary story.  Does this sort of thing enter your mind when you are photographing your children? 

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Still Smoking Mom?

July 19, 2006

ScienceDaily: Nicotine Exposure During Development Leads To Hearing Problems
Scientists know that children of women who smoke during pregnancy can develop hearing-related cognitive deficits. For the first time, researchers believe they have evidence that not only implicates nicotine as the culprit, but also shows what the substance does to the brain to cause these deficits.

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YouTube – Who Killed The Electric Car?
A new documentary takes a long hard look at what happened to the EV1 from GM.

I know a lot of daddies are looking at things like fuel efficiency when it comes to buying a car, so this should be an interesting watch. – What comes after three? Four! – Jul 13, 2006

After delivering triplets three years ago, Angela Magdaleno thought she was done having babies. She was wrong four times over.

Magdaleno gave birth to quadruplets on July 6 by Caesarean section. She now has nine children.


Mama mia.  I have trouble with one… imagine seven!  The striking thing about this story (aside from the two multiple births) is that although her first pregnancy, which resulted in triplets was achieved with IVF, this one was completely natural.