ScienceDaily: Kids Who Blow Bubbles Find Language Is Child’s Play

This study looked at 120 children and cross referenced their vocabular at 21 months with different playing skills at the same age.  Not surprisingly children who could do things like blow bubbles were better with langauge.  Both require good oral-motor control.  The research also observed that children who were better at playing pretend were better at language as well, suggesting that there is an important link between imagination and langauge.
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A company in Austin, Texas has opened the first baby tooth stem cell bank. Scientists found stem cells in baby teeth in 2003.

Just in case you thought there was perhaps a similar effort somewhere else in the world, here’s what BioEden has to say about that:

BioEden , Inc. is the first company of its kind anywhere in the world open for business in response to overwhelming public interest in new source of stem cells.

Make no mistake and accept no cheap imitations! But also keep in mind that like umbilical cord banks, personal storage of stem cells has been called it a rip off because it’s unlikely you’ll ever need the cells. Also, public banks (similar to blood banks) will likely have you covered should the need arise.

P.S. The service is considerably cheaper than cord blood banking.

The actual likely hood of your child needing their own stem cells is about 1:200,000 and the chance that another direct family member will be a match are much small than that.

If you chose to bank cord blood, what were you reasons?

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June 28, 2006

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Four square for grown-ups? | Salon Life

Salon has a fun article about adults playing kids games like tag and dodgeball.  I feel like parents already know how much fun this is.  Maybe some of us have felt shy about saying it – or maybe we didn’t want to let others in on our secret. 

The Sound Of Worms - And Fish, And Rats!

The Sound Of Worms – And Fish,

 And Rats!

Tony Burrello
Omnibus Music
This perfect if you have say a 5 to 12 year old boy.  Not music so much as really freaky sounds.  This is a remastered rerelease of the 1952 original

Download “There’s A New Sound (The Sound of Worms)” (MP3, 192kbps)

When my son was four weeks old, we found blood in his diaper.  After a harrowing few hours at the  Children’s Hospital, we discovered that the poor kid has bovine protein intolerance. When my wife would eat or drink any dairy or beef, some of the protein would pass into her breastmilk and irritate his intestines.

Since then, my wife has adopted a dairy/beef/soy free diet.  We did not anticipate the challenges that lay ahead when it came to finding things she could eat.  Information was scarce, even on the web. 

 Since we have learned so much in the last few months, I am compliling everything we know about this issue onto a page on this blog.  I will post items first (most likely) and add them to the page later.

 The first useful link is the wikipedia page on bovine protein intolerance