In Utero Exposure To Urban Air Pollutants Can Increase Risk: “Prenatal exposure to air pollutants in New York City can adversely affect child development, according to the results of a study released today by the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health (CCCEH) at the Mailman School of Public Health. Previous studies have shown that the same air pollutants can reduce fetal growth, but this study is the first to reveal that those pollutants can also affect cognitive development during childhood.”


Ultrasounds Show Mothers’ Drinking Shrinks Fetal Brain: “Routine ultrasounds show that heavy drinkers who continue to imbibe after learning they are pregnant may carry fetuses with reduced skull and brain growth compared to those of abstainers or quitters, says a new study.”

CBC News: Vatican reconsiders condom ban
The Roman Catholic Church might ease its longstanding opposition to the use of condoms to prevent AIDS, a senior church official says.

This is certainly something to watch…

Music: Mendoza Line

April 18, 2006

Full Of Light And Full Of Fire

Full Of Light And Full Of Fire

Mendoza Line

A little Dylanesque, but very good folky-alterna-pop.

An interesting comment?

April 18, 2006

This was posted anonymously as a comment on a previous post:
“Thanks for the interesting links, I always learn something from blogs like yours. I’ve been checking out dad blogs. Yours is a regular stop for me, as well as Blogfathers and a few others. I have a couple of questions for dads at large. If you have the time and the inclination, I’d love to know:
1. Why did you decide to become a dad?
2. How scared were you when you found out a little one was on the way?”

The answer to these sorts of questions are never straightforward. I didn’t “decide” to become a dad in the sense that I decided to have eggs for breakfast this morning. It was something that evolved over a few years. I always knew that I wanted to have a family. I never debated whether or not to have children in a philosophical way. As my studies began to draw to a close, my wife and I both just knew that the time was right. The “why” question just did not occur to me.

The scared part was different. I wasn’t that scared, nervous more like. I think that I had been looking forward to it for a while so I was more excited than anything else. As the actual due date approached I was so buried in my research that I barely had time to sleep, let alone worry about the seemingly abstract notion of fatherhood. Once our son was born, I was flooded by anxiety. You can see it in the earliest photos of me holding the little guy. My shoulders were literally around my ears. I was terrified of hurting him, more than anything else.

I have always been a relaxed, chill at home kind of guy, so the transition to parenthood was perhaps less difficult that for some others.

What about you?

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Liquid Ventilation For Babies: “The main problem that premature babies have is that their lungs are not well formed. In order to alleviate this situation, the Nautical School at the University of the Basque Country has developed a liquid respiration respirator.”

Older Children Not Smarter Than Their Younger Sibs, Study Finds: “A recent study provides some of the best evidence to date that birth order really doesn’t have an effect on intelligence. The findings contradict many studies over the years that had reported that older children are generally smarter than their younger siblings.”