Tales From the Nursery By Sydney Spiesel:The health benefits of breast-feeding may not be what you think….

I’m not the first to blog about this article. DaddyTypes has a post about an NPR interview with Dr. Spiesel. Curious, I went to the original post on Slate to see what the fuss is about. I was pleasantly surprised to find a reasonably well thought out article that displays simple common sense.

Posted on the walls of every clinic and hospital are posters entitles “101 reasons to breastfeed” or something similar. Some of the claims are right on, some of them are sketchy and some are just silly. I’ve talked before about the claim that exclusive breastfeedingTh reduces the risk of obesity later in childhood. It has recently been shown that by age five, the way a child was fed as an infant has no bearing on obesity.

If you read the article through, it is clear that the doctor is still strongly in favour of breastfeeding, no ifs, ands or buts – as am I. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a closer look at the propaganda surrounding it.


ScienceDaily: Children Who Sleep Less Are Three Times More Likely To Be Overweight
The less a child sleeps, the more likely he or she is to become overweight, according to researchers from Universit√© Laval’s Faculty of Medicine in an article published in the latest edition of the International Journal of Obesity. The risk of becoming overweight is 3.5 times higher in children who get less sleep than in those who sleep a lot, according to researchers Jean-Philippe Chaput, Marc Brunet, and Angelo Tremblay.

The study looked at over 400 primaryr school children (5-10 yrs) and found that those who slept less that 10 hours a night were 3.5 times more likely to be obese than those who slept 12 or more.
The logic is there. Tired kids eat poorly and don’t get as much physical activity. Although my son is only 3 months old, I am already a stickler for bedtime, and this encourages me to continue to do so.

CBC News: Parents warned about lead-laced Reebok bracelet

Health Canada has issued a warning about a bracelet that Reebok handed out with children’s shoes because the charm could pose a severe risk to kids.
“The heart-shaped charm on the bracelet may contain a very high level of lead and pose a risk of lead poisoning to children if sucked, chewed or swallowed,” the federal agency said Wednesday.

I was stunned when I saw this on the news last night. Lead!?! I guess Nike doesn’t sit alone at the top of the evil shoe company list.

Music: Jel: Soft Money

March 27, 2006

Soft Money

Soft Money


Once again, I realize that commercial “rap” music has nothing to do with actual hip hop. Jel is a brilliant producer and MC. The music is layered and complex and the lyrics are cutting and insightful.

  • Download “WMD” (MP3, 192kbps)


Help wanted

March 26, 2006

I’ve written on this site before about our brief (but worrisome) run in with Babywise and it’s Parent-Directed Feeding method. And wouldn’t you know, the nice people over at OmniNerd have invited me to write a comparison of Parent-Directed Feeding and attachment parenting. I would love to hear if any of you out there in the daddy blogosphere have tried PDF or know people who have. What are your feelings about the demands that attachment parenting puts on parents during the first year or so (during breast-feeding)?

Kids with Cavities Overweight, Not Underweight – UB NewsCenter

— New evidence from pediatric dentists at the University at Buffalo has
shown that, contrary to previous findings, most young children with decayed
“baby” teeth are not underweight, and actually may be overweight or at risk of
being overweight.

Basically, kids who eat poorly have a tendency to be overweight and have cavities. I don’t think there is a cause and effect relationship. More likely these simply spring from the same source. The fact that many obese kids come from low-income families, means that their parents are likely to be less educated about proper nutrition and dental care – never mind the difficulty paying for regular checkups at the dentist.

Sound On Sound
Sound On Sound
Saturday Looks Good To Me
Redder Records
This is great pop in the vein of groups like Stars. Great melodies and all sorts of musical influences and arrangements. Super.